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About Us 

When you think of a 'Gift Basket’, what comes to your mind?  For the longest time, it has been a basket filled with fruits that might go bad before you get the chance to savor them.  Another image would be receiving a basket that doesn't match your taste or doesn't hold any significance to you.

To tackle these old-fashioned perceptions, Baskets For You was founded. We create baskets, towers and containers that cater to your needs with every item handpicked for your personal satisfaction. Our baskets feature items that showcase how much you care, with a personalized touch. 

Apart from baskets, we now offer handmade craft items such as popcorn bags, heating pads, aprons cloth children's books, cookie and soup jar mixes and hot chocolate cones.

We make sure that your recipient gets the best of our products, which is why we arrange every item in a smoke-free and pet-free environment.

Established November 6th, 2021

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